Victoria Trying to Silence Victorian Analysis

So there is some drama at Victoria City Hall this week. Last week, my partner Jaclyn (who runs Victorian Analysis) arrived at City Hall for the start of the PLUC (Planning and Land Use Committee) meeting to find the media table had not been set up.  It appears the city is trying to strong-arm her out of operation by making her working conditions more difficult.  And Mayor Lisa Helps was on the radio today “defending” the city’s position.  While she tried to defend the act as one of fairness and equity, judging from the content of her responses all she appeared to do was demonstrate that the city is using that as a weak excuse to attack the one dedicated citizen journalist that they have.  The details are below. Continue reading Victoria Trying to Silence Victorian Analysis

Why Victorian Analysis Matters

It may not be obvious to the outside observer, but there are actually two parallel conversations about government at the local level, and yet only one of them gets any form of reliable media coverage.  These two systems are 1) the policies and issues discussed and decided upon by council, and 2) the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating those decisions.

Traditional media has evolved around the first system; reporting on and critiquing the decisions made around the council table.  When council decides to build a new piece of infrastructure, such as the Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria, traditional news will give you the highlights, what was decided, how much it will cost, etc.  If council decides to increase affordable housing infrastructure, traditional media will tell you how much money is being allocated, how much housing will be provided, etc. Continue reading Why Victorian Analysis Matters


Throughout my life, I’ve had anger issues.  This comes from growing up with a father who had his own anger issues, it being a learned behaviour.  Over the years, my anger has been both a blessing and a curse.

Anger, focussed properly, can be a good motivator, pushing me to attack difficult problems and providing me with the energy to solve and conquer them.  My competitive juices can be increased by well-placed anger, and when I am motivated I can achieve great things.  As long as these problems are things I can solve on my own.

The trouble is my anger also tends to bleed through in my communication skills, and, in this area, it is much more of a destructive force.  When I get angry, I’ve noticed that my speaking and communication style tends to bring out negative responses from others; folks will get intimidated or dismissive or lose interest in some fashion or another.  In any case, I know listening to me when I’m angry is not a pleasant experience, and that people will tune out of the conversation. Continue reading Anger