Happy Canada Day!

I know I’ve been mostly dormant for some time, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day!  Also, I wanted to let folks know that I will be writing regularly on this site again, starting today.  My teaching has wrapped for the year and I have some free time right now, so it seems like a good time to try to take another kick at the can, blogging-wise.

This site has been through several iterations over the years, from a local government wiki to my election site when I ran for mayor last fall.  For the time being, this site will serve as my personal blog.  I’ve been continuing to learn about government and governing in Canada, and I have a number of thoughts that I’d like to share, so that is what I will be doing.  In the meantime, if you do want to find out what is happening in the city of Victoria, please visit Victorian Analysis, a site run by my partner Jaclyn.  She has a masters in public administration, and is using it to decipher the confusing and bizarre information that emanates from the city, and she does a great job explaining how things can and should work (and why they don’t, presently) at Victoria City Council.

I’d also like to use this site to try to gather like-minded people together to discuss the problems with our current governmental system and find clever and interesting ways to try to “hack” our system and turn it into something better.  But that will be for another post.  Anyway, I know I only have a trickle of occasional visitors right now, so for those who do check in, thank you for still being curious and please keep coming back.  I will do my best to reward you with interesting thoughts and ideas.

For now, enjoy the rest of your Canada Day!

Jason Ross

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